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Peperoni @ Thomson

Kneading love into a new neighbourhood, Peperoni Thomson is the pizza chain’s first outlet which has made its way into the heartlands. Opened in September 2016, the group’s 7th outlet is all decked out in their corporate colours of Tomato Orange, Capsicum Green, Flour Beige and Pumpkin Yellow. Peperoni Thomson adds a burst of life to the row of shophouses located beside it. Watch in awe as chefs assemble pizzas in the open kitchen, where ovens are preheated for close to 2 hours to reach a 350-degree temperature for the orange wood to give Peperoni’s famed pizzas their signature aroma.

The brand will continue to do all that they can to win over diners with their wood-fired pizzas, classic Italian dishes, hearty portions, and a stellar collection of craft beers and cocktails. Even the little ones will be kept entertained as Peperoni equips themselves with colouring materials and a kids’ menu which includes popular mocktails and traditional Italian dishes.

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