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Peperoni @ Suntec

Sunny Singapore has now welcomed the youngest in the Peperoni family, Peperoni @ Suntec! Situated right in the city by Suntec City's Fountain of Wealth, you can now easily get your Peperoni fix! Be greeted by our copper-cladded giant wood-fired stove as you watch our pizza chefs work their magic on our signature thin-crusted pizzas right before your very eyes!

Able to accommodate 80 guests, Peperoni @ Suntec is a cosy place for gatherings and meet-ups. With our bright orange tables and neon sign as the backdrop, this is where new meets old. It also has a small private room for groups who want to feel more special (subject to a minimum spend)!

With its central location, you are never too far away from Peperoni. After all, all you knead is love (and good'ol Peperoni deliciousness).

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