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Peperoni Delivery FAQ

  1. Why do you only deliver to certain areas?

    At Peperoni, we value the freshness and the quality of the food served. Hence, our delivery services are mainly around the five outlets – Binjai Park, Zion Road, Frankel Avenue, Biopolis Road and Upper Thomson. This said, we are looking into avenues to provide island-wide delivery service in the near future to cater to all our Peperoni fans!

  2. Why can’t Peperoni deliver the Family size XXL pizzas since it is such a popular item?

    Our food philosophy at Peperoni is to always prepare delicious food with the freshest ingredients! Unfortunately, the family size XXL pizza does not hold up as well as other pizza sizes over time, resulting in a drop in quality. There is also the current difficulty of delivering them on motorbikes. We are very sorry we are not able to include it as one of our deliverables!

    Rest assured we are currently studying other methods of delivery to ensure the quality of these XXL pizzas, and we hope to provide you with good news in the near future!

  3. Why are items such as soups, Calzones, and desserts not available for delivery?

    Similarly to the XXL pizzas, these items also do not hold up as well when delivered, but we are exploring ways to do it in the near future!

  4. Why does Peperoni have a fixed delivery surcharge for Public Holidays?

    A fixed delivery surcharge is imposed due to the high number of orders on Public Holidays.

  5. Does Peperoni accept debit card payment?

    Currently Visa, MasterCard and cash are the only form of payments we accept and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Don’t worry! We are looking into the possibility of debit card payment for future deliveries.

  6. I am not able to reach your call centre as the hotline is always engaged.

    Our Peperoni staff may be experiencing a constant flow of orders and calls at the moment. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please call again or order through our website.

  7. Why does your website not allow me to select the particular timing I want my food to be delivered?

    We definitely love to deliver our food to you! Honest! But sometimes we are not able to due to a variety of factors. The outlets and delivery riders may be overloaded with orders to the extent we cannot accept any more orders for that particular timing and period, without compromising on your waiting time and food quality. It can also be due to the weather conditions that we have to suspend the ordering process.

  8. Is it safe to key my credit card details into your website?

    Rest assured we have credit card security measures in place and we adopt the 3DS form of credit card verification where a special code is sent to your mobile phone to be keyed into the website before the payment is processed.

  9. Is it possible to cancel an order?

    Unfortunately no, as all the orders are sent to the kitchen immediately. For pre-orders, we encourage you not to order too early in advance in case you change your mind!

  10. Will my food still be warm by the time it reaches me?

    Yes, they will still be as they are delivered in heated insulated bags. But to be honest, as with all delivered and takeaway food, nothing beats having hot food freshly prepared and eaten at our restaurants! :)

  11. Why does Peperoni take 60-90 minutes for a delivery?

    It depends on how busy our restaurants are. We are especially busy on weekends, thus the extra time needed to cook and deliver your food. If you are ordering on Friday nights and weekends, we advise you to order early! Our food items, especially the pizzas, are also freshly baked from our special wood-fired gas ovens by our chefs, hence requiring more time for it to reach you. Good food makes the wait worthwhile!